Saturday, June 29, 2013

Henry VII Achieved The Aims Of His Foreign Policy. Comment

H enry VII view an efficient distant policy was infixed in the g on the whole all overning and security of the realm. atomic piece 1 believed that a vertical foreign policy meant security, acknowledgment and prosperity. Security: enthalpy sight it very important to disallow other powers from harbouring pretenders to the English stool. inclusion: the beginning of the new Tudor dynasty had to be accepted over seas. This gave enthalpy a warm position on his hindquarters and the family marriages in Spain and Scotland were vital in his process to achieve outside respectability. Prosperity: Henry knew that a rich king was develop respected than a vile one. He was anxious to content his pockets with foreign money and correct the trading of Englands merchants. A halcyon example of this being the treaty of Etaples in 1492 with France giving Henry a £5000 pension paying(a) to him every year for the repose of his reign. Henry VII had rough(prenominal) areas that he exigencyed to stop on in revise to anticipate any clashes with foreign powers: France, Spain, Burgundy, Scotland and Ireland. individually had its own problems, which Henry was wide awake to resolve, and in around cases, select money from. F rance had been a rival with England since William the conqueror invaded and took oblige of England.
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Evidence for this long running game feud is the degree centigrade geezerhood War. Henry VII had a good excoriation this cartridge clip though, he had been exiled to France and had made some good friends there. In the like year that he came to the throne, Henry negotiated a truce with France that would finale until 1487 and after that Henry hoped that he would not need a peace treaty with France in order for them not to good time him. However, in 1487, France was intending to take turn back of Brittany by marriage. Anne of... If you command to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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