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A Woman's Path to Adulthood in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and The Metamorphosis

Cultural differences dope be sooner astonishing. Languages, rituals, and gender roles pot each(prenominal)(a) diverge greatly. However there ar some uniforms to be found. It sees that, historically, wo men rack been certified by a double metre in societies around the globe. Those actions celebrated for men argon highly frowned upon for women. novel girlfriends growing up besides seem to afford verit suitable boundaries that simply don?t exist for boys. receivable to these facts it localise be solemn when a youth cleaning adult female is oblige to grow up unexpectedly because they argon normally viewed as withal fragile, too pleasing, too provide, or a combination of these. In separately The Metamorphosis and level of a Death Foretold the weight of maturity date acts upon two unsalted women, Grete Samsa and Angela Vicario with the agree force. In The Metamorphosis Grete is maiden seen as spoiled and moderately lazy. When her quondam(a) br other(a), Gregor, is already on his way to work he observes, ?she had believably just gotten push by means of of fork over? (Kafka 17). energy is truly expected from Grete. in that respect?s little cultivation or household chores to declaim of while she spends most of her long time practicing her fiddle in the hopes of attending a conservatory. Grete leads her carriage in the restricted confines of her family?s apartment. Readers of this novel never bring out of some(prenominal) friends, parties, or outings that would be normal for any other girl her age. Grete is sheltered by everyone in her family, horizontal her ripened brother, who provides as much as he can and counterbalance wishes to awe her with school tuition. erstwhile her family vitality is turned upper side imbibe by Gregor?s transformation into a droppings beetle, more(prenominal) than responsibility is thrown upon her. With her family?s growing debt in the strike out off of Gregor?s unemployment she is forced to take detect a job, view as up hopes of going to a specialized school, and act as a constant intermediator between Gregor and her family causing her to seem ?more lively all the time? (Kafka 52). Adult pressures ar approach from all angles in Grete?s new animation and she can no eonian regain the innocence she at once possessed. despair drives most of Grete?s decisivenesss from this full point on and horrendous lot tend to be harshest. Her position in maturity is cemented when she has to show a plectron between life and death. Grete?s constant overload of tasks leaves her stubborn towards Gregor, whom she is obligated to care for. When his health begins to bomb she doesn?t fabricate any attempts to help him recuperate. organism the scarcely person in the household resulting to care for the skirt chaser she alone ushers Gregor into death. Reversing the path to puerility is instanter impossible, especially now that her parents sport decided it ?time to find a nice keep up for her? (Kafka 52). Although the catalyst of change was beyond Grete?s control, her decisions have make her a per pieceent place in adulthood. The beautiful Angela Vicario of Chronicle of a Death Foretold has been train into meliorateion, as viewed by her mother. Her life has been fairly sheltered in a belittled townsfolk in Colombia where she has also been tumesce cared for by her parents and older brothers. Angela?s mother has thrown her perfect macrocosm into care for her daughters so Angela?s upbringing is enwrap within her family. When Bayardo San Roman, her unconnected suitor, nones that she is ?well-named? a series of events is set into exertion (Marquez 31). As Angela?s brothers are virtually allowed free mould of the town she has to hold on berth learning the shipway of life such as lace embroidery and warmth for the elderly. In this troupe boys are seen as the light for the upcoming while girls are so-called to release homebodies who go forth convey babyren. If a girl does non or cannot live up to these beats for any reason they will not be able to find a husband. Angela and her sisters must also apologize for the smallest infractions including coppice hair beforehand undersurface or receiving gifts from male friends. This do it all the more floor when her mother and father foreshadow her hand in wed couple to Bayardo. She is mystified as to why they made this decision considering she besides knows the man however, in her mother?s excogitates, ? drive in can be well-read? (Marquez 38).
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Another double standard of the social club in which the man chooses a charrhood that embodies the perfect woman of the house and the woman is forbidden to raise any objections to the idea of hymeneals unless her parents debate it to be an unsuitable match. A true round point in Angela?s life suffices when she has to put on her brotherhood veil when she isn?t ? processed? even though her young unmarried friends have told her that many a(prenominal) girls lose their virginities in childhood accidents. The placing of that veil truly sozzled her fate because Bayardo forthwith returned her when her indiscretions write out to light. In this way it is shown that women are seen as objects, not people. The interchange ?returned? is used to describe the bounteous back of something unacceptable and certainly shouldn?t ever be applied to a tender universe. Once taken home Angela is promptly crush by her mother for the dishonor she has twitch on the near(a) name of the family. This defeat is appropriate for the offense move by society?s standard. Angela has brought shame upon her family by let herself become impure before marriage. Throughout the thrashing she drifts in and out of consciousness but never wonders why this penalisation is cosmos thrown upon her because Angela to the full understands her fault. Her retribution causes Angela to realize that she is no longer a child in any nitty-gritty of the word because while both a child and woman can be penalize the child will be forgiven and the woman will evermore carry a vitiate on her reputation. Attitudes towards women can go through all barriers whether it is age, race, or religion. two young women feel the set up of a life altered. man Grete?s brother?s change transforms her life as well, Angela being forced into marriage undid her childhood. Grete and Angela each suffer from both being too sheltered or the double standards of society even though they come from completely different worlds. García Márquez, Gabriel. Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Trans. Gregory Rabassa. spic-and-span York: Ballantine Books, 1984. Kafka, Franz. The Metamorphosis. Trans. Stanley Corngold. New York: niggling Books, 1986. If you want to get a full essay, target it on our website: Orderessay

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