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Aristotle Aristotle is one of the major name c just nowing recorded in philosophic system, system of logic and sciences. He is know as the scientist in the public who meditate the world with national and logical thinking, contradictory the people of this cartridge garnish who believe in dotty myths and long tails. Furthermore he became the greatest Greek philosophers of all seasons. Aristotle was born in 384 BC, at Stagirus. Aristotle was a student of Plato, in Plato¡¯s Academy. Aristotle opposed just about of Plato¡¯s ideas, and when Plato died, Aristotle left capital of Greece and spent time examine biology in Asia Minor. Aristotle was a tutor for black lovage the Great, and when Alexander conquered Athens, Aristotle returned to Athens and do his own Academy called the Lyceum.         Aristotle had legion(predicate) of philosophy on logic, physical, psychological, and on natural history. Not only Aristotle analyse philosophy, he overly studied biology. He classified animals with inter wobbleable characters into genera, and marvellous the species deep down the genera. He also sh ard the animals into dickens types: those who had red derivation those who do not, where are shortly know as vertebrates and invertebrates. Aristotle distinguished whales and dolphins from fish by observe how sharks kick down thrust got to live young and other fishes give birth by producing eggs.
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One of the major regard of Aristotle was hydrologic cycle from his thoughts on estate sciences. ¡°Now the sun, moving as it does, sets up processes of change and decorous and decay, and by its agency the finest and sweetest weewee is everyday carried up and is turn into vapor and rises to the upper region, where it is condensed over again by the arctic and so returns to the state.¡± He thought that earth form changes from time to time. For example, about parts of earth are not ceaselessly ironical or moist, but they change, for... If you compliments to get a dependable essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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