Friday, August 30, 2013


Grew up a trife life, the measure of white lines and hot pipes homicidal wickednesstimes the knife fights that fight crimes check the prognosis, lifes a real drug shell protrude showbiz my window faces shoutouts, drug overdoses be amongst the roses, only the dramma my medicine is the ganja. Heres my fundamentals my phist embraces m both faces, peoples are gaseous state dramatic automatic fo fo i allow blow and bottom fountain po po when am i next yo? whether im in a six political hack or montero jeep i keep callin the beatz got me falling unawakened i keep fallin unless neer fallin six feet deep im stuck and i emergency to tick by! I love you dont ever fuckin incertitude that,thats probably wherefore well never get along,if i was go against at finding the proper(a) manner of speaking to say i wouldnt need to right these set out fuckin songs.
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I grew up a life of ants, uncles, cousins that would never do the puddle u bet they did, like the times when characterize joe smoked his momas house up yo, sayin this place aint for me while he be callin up g askin for another rock of that gain he never got back in the day,with his moms money that went to his lungs and was his brainiact and honey, being my god bugger off telling me times to image off a profligate dime with out doin any manoeuver I full-strength up told him that shits for jerks! It never drop in thou the 5 times he was in throw out wonderin wherefore hes alive? So I might aswell travel why not give it a try, or the time when seany was rockinout on his guitar when some day he was gonna be a star but he never made it agone that night in the bar when he found... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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