Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sigmund Freud

sigmund freud SIGMUND FREUD 1856 - 1939 Freuds story, like nigh peoples stories, begins with others. In his case those others were his mentor and friend, Dr. Joseph Breuer, and Breuers diligent role, c entirelyed Anna O. Anna O. was Joseph Breuers patient from 1880 through 1882. Twenty one days old, Anna spent most of her time nursing her ailing father. She undeniable a big(a) cough that proved to have no strong-arm basis. She essential some speech difficulties, then became mute, and then began language unless in English, rather than her usual German. When her father died she began to refuse food, and genuine an unusual set of problems.
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She lost the feeling in her handcuffs and feet, developed some paralysis, and began to have involuntary spasms. She also had center h solelyucinations and tunnel vision. But when specialists were consulted, no physical causes for these problems could be found. If all this werent enough, she had fairy-tale fantasies, dramatic mood swings, and made several ...If you want to produce a full essay, order it on our website:

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