Monday, February 10, 2014

Athletes and Drugs.

Drugs have been a problem in our society for many an(prenominal) an(prenominal) historic period. They have been used and handle by many groups, including original copy athletes. It is certainly quite common to hear about(predicate) or read about athletes and drug use. Although drugs have a extended history of use by athletes, they have alter effectuate on the body and different preventions. Much of the worlds sum up of coca plantin is reveald in South America. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Incas of Peru chewed coca leaves because they made it affirmable for them to work in the high mountains of the enter for longer periods of time. In the 1880s Bolivian soldiers were given the drug to tending them gain heroism and overcome fatigue. One hundred years later as many as 90 percentage of the natives of the Andes Mountains in Peru on a regular basis chewed coca leaves. It wasnt until the archaeozoic years of the 20th century that cocain increase in popularity among athletes (Coca). Cocaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid, extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. It is an excellent local anesthetic and a widely do by illicit drug. Cocaine is an odorless, white powder. The many street blackguard of cocain include coke, snow, lady, and gold dust. Street cocain consists of cocaine hydrochloride that is mixed or cut with a number of approximately other white, powdery substances. These include procaine and lidocaine, sugars like milk sugar and dextrose, stimulants such(prenominal) as dexedrine and caffeine, and other substances including cornstarch, talcum powder, and flour. Street cocaine today contains only 12 to 50 percent cocaine hydrochloride. About 100,000 pounds of cocaine are brought into this county each year. Eighty metre tons of coca leaf will eventually arouse about 200 tons of cocaine(Coca). Marijuana was setoff smoked as a medicine as early as 2737 B.C.E. in China. If you want to get a wide-cut essay, rove it on ! our website:

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