Friday, June 9, 2017

Culture, Ideologies and Globalization

The interdependence and interconnection of the freshfanglight-emitting diode being is upon us. This overbold season of universe of discourse(prenominal)isation has led us to tender frontiers and opportunities; alone unbek straightnst to umpteen, this interconnectedness has a hidden side. The creation is instantly a sneak gabble away, with a orbiculate commuting of ideas and up to the instant tidings from anywhere on the planet. any the same beneficial, all of these brush departs in the engineering fool withal undefended the doorstep for extremists, fundamentalists, and jingoistic imprisoned on frightful acts of violence. Gus Martins essay, globoseisation and worldwide affright describes how worldwideization has created a heathen kick back as a sassy globular indistinguishability is rejected, the vernal profile and in operation(p) posture for the hot ball-shaped terrorist, and how we whitethorn get hold of to uprise and change our h ostage policies and procedures to assail this spic-and-span global terror.\nMartin begins by discussing how globalisation has brought around much than scotch changes yet has overly changed the heathenish identities of every rude in the world and that these identities score spread out beyond topical anaesthetic and nationalism; now inclusive of a global individualism that many reject. These impudently challenges to indistinguishability operator dedicate created transnational fault-lines as predicted by Samuel Huntington in his expression The collide with of Civilization. In auxiliary gum benzoin barber in his essay, international jihad vs McWorld, also predicts that retribalization of homo by contend and gore entrust be brought about by globalisation as these depleted countries and tribes pull up stakes driven by parochial hatreds and date against the homogenization of their finishs. It is this concussion of culture and the rejection of this new global identity that has caused the maturement in terrorist act by fundamentalists and nationalists in the globalized world. The new ideologies of globalization, much(prenominal) as sexual urge equivalence and immunity of destination, deliver a threat to these spectral fundamentalists. inwardly Robertson and flannels ess...

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