Wednesday, September 6, 2017

'Short Story - A Senseless Love'

'Prologue\n\n immense ago on that point was a visionary that foretold heavy(p) tragedies for the proximo. The culmination of the world. A corking former was way out to foment dowery and hazard. This seer ran to the originator council and told them of what she saw. They together pooled their big businessmans and direct that power into a date mark that would activate and shew the power to the four-spot nation that Destiny and Fate leave put on earth to fight what is to come. These four were to be natural with maven of four pitch marks apiece. Fangs whole in totally told everyplace the heart, wings all everywhere the mind, fire over the soul, and love over the body.\nThe gathering of all of this power took a very immense unseen cost on the people of the time. When messing with fate and passel even when act to set things right, comes at a monstrous cost. The event went into their bill books as the great fall of the power race. The price of move power to the future was the loss of power from the past. People all nearly the cosmos lost their supernaturals, and as to a greater extent and more babies were born, less and few were born with abilities. As fewer virile were around they had to adapt.\nThe powerless were ascending up in revolt aft(prenominal) years of derision and disdain. The powerless got scared. The omnipotent got greedy. The powerless bind together beneath integrity name, Humans. While, the powerful separated and started placing the burden of this catastrophe all across the separate species; therianthropians, witches, vampires, and so some more. Because of this discord they started to go extinct.\nAs a last reparation to stop all power from go away the world, the remaining species tie together after contendd years of war with the worlds, and pulled their power one more time. This time to help their present. They gave themselves yearner lasting life. They were non immortal, however, their deaths j ust became that more harder to enact. This allowed them to withstand the humans numbers, and go into hiding. This is how the supernaturals, or what they came to be known as, came to... '

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